About the Rock n Roll dance styles

Rock n Roll is about as far as generic goes when describing a dance style. So what’s what. Here’s a quick description of what we do.

Authentic Rock n Roll

This is a social dance, which is know for its very easy basic step — beginners can get a good grasp of this dance in a couple of classes. Classes are ran in Cambridge by the Cambridge Dancers Club, so this is easily accesible. This is a very social dance, which is very appealing to some.

(Think of a 60s dancefloor where a man grabs a girl he’s never met before and they dance together for a couple of songs etc…..)

Continental Rock n Roll

This is a much more lively dance, with lots of kicking, jumping and generally running around the dance floor. Unlike authentic rock n roll this style of dance generally requires choreography and a generally much higher level of fitness. Flexibility and core stregth are also key to succeeding in this style.

Acrobatic Rock n Roll

This is what we do.

The dance step itself is the same as Continental Rock n Roll. However we make add aerials into the mix — that is picking girls up and (loosely) throwing them around. This makes it fun, and really gives us an edge over other dance styles