Captain’s Welcome

First, welcome to Cambridge Rock n Roll DanceSport Team! I’ve been dancing with the team for 2 years now, joining as a complete beginner.

In the 2 years that I’ve been here, I’ve been involved in various showcases and competitions, and have really been hooked to the sport.

With the help of our coaches, I quickly improved to become the dancer that I am today, and am excited to take my dancing further.

I’m looking to expand the team at the moment — we fit our sessions around the Cambridge Student life, so if you’re looking for ‘something new’ to do, then you’ve got to the right place! If you’ve got anything at all you’d like to ask us, please contact us above.

“Don’t be scared”

We learn our acrobatics in a safe environment with crash mats and plenty of spotters, to make things as safe as possible. And if you think its too hard for you? We say don’t be scared! We’ve found people have amazed themselves (and those around them) with what they can learn in so little time!

“Friendly, yet competitive environment”

I stride to make our team environment as friendly and also as competitive as possible – that means although we train hard, we are a fantastic place to come to burn away that course stress.

We dance for fun. And we want to share this with as many people as possible!

Geoff, Captain 2017-2017